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Edge Circuit Smash

Get sweaty during a 60 minute session focused on high intensity interval weight training with our coach Rosey Sullivan, where she will push you to get the most out of your session. Suitable for all ages and abilities.

Wednesday 6:30pm & Sunday 9:00am


Edge Adults Boxing

Learn how to box with our in house coach Will Jones. Increase your fitness, improve your total body strength, better hand eye coordination, descries stress, improve body composition, gain a wider social circle.

Tuesday 7pm, Thursday 7pm, Saturday 11am

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Edge Kids Boxing

Some benefits of kids boxing are teaching self-confidence, respect, build confidence, social development, discipline. Boxing also requires intense concentration to be successful. Taught by a qualified Boxing coach, kids will have fun whilst learning valuable skills for life.

Tuesday 5pm, Thursday 5pm, Saturday 10am


Edge X-Fit

A class constantly varied with functional movements performed at high intensity, taught by crossfit coach Iian Brewster. This class will work on strength, speed, balance and gymnastics. Making you an all round bad-ass. And eventually participating in our Edge Games.

Thursday 6am, Saturday 9am


Edge Womens Bootcamp

A female only bootcamp focused on fitness, weight-loss, post natal exercise, and toning up the whole body. Suitable for all ages, and child friendly. Feel free to bring your kids, babies, ect, our coaches double as baby sitters while you sweat.

Monday 10am, Wednesday 10am

Edge K1

Learn the fundamentals of this martial art with our coach and resident fighter Jamie Dartnell while getting in great shape and have lots of fun with this friendly but hard-working group.

Monday 7pm, Wednesday 7pm

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Edge Kids K1

Some benefits of kids K1 are teaching self-confidence, respect, social development, and many more. K1 requires intense concentration and co-ordination to be successful. Taught by a resident coach, Jamie Dartnell. Kids will have fun whilst learning valuable skills.

Monday 6pm, Wednesday 6pm



A Brazilian Jujitsu is a tried and tested martial art performed all over the world and very dominant in the MMA scene. Learn this graceful yet brutal skill with our international competitor coach Alex Lenos Alexandrou.

Wednesday 8pm


Edge Conditioning

With a combination of functional and cardio movements, this is a fast paced, hard-working class that will burn fat and shape your body. Class will be taken by Lewis March.

Monday 7pm